I don't care if you are new, old, washed up, fresh-born or born again as an entrepreneur - if you are not creating relationships to find your client base then you are working harder, not smarter.

I don't buy the idea that you have to pay money to find clients.

I don't buy the trend of spamming the crap out of inboxes or promo posts to get a tiny client base.

(If you're really struggling with this I have a free cheat sheet on finding epic clients here too.)

What I believe, religiously, is that our ability to build "real life" relationships in an unreal online world is a skill that will always be needed.

So here I share EXACTLY how I engage in FB Groups (my natural habitat) and how to start making meaningful foundations for any business that needs "know, like & trust" factor.

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Read on to steal my scripts! Remember always to flavour with your own awesomesauce for best results.

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Does what it says on the tin, this is your chance to really offer your support and demonstrate your expertise. For this to work, you have to care about people.


I have some spare time & get a huge kick out of (insert outcome). What are you stuck on right now? (Option 1)? (Option 2)? Comment below & I’ll help, no strings!

P.S. I am a (insert job title here), not just a lonely madwoman with only cats for company and a desperate need to talk to you. (Or am I???)


I remember how much it sucked to be struggling for (insert outcome). People helped me then, so I’d like to help you now! What are you stuck on with (insert area of expertise)? Is it (option 1)? (Option 2)? Comment below and I’ll do my best to get you moving!


Being stuck on (insert pain point here) sucks. I hated it. You hate it. Post below the biggest pain-in-the-ass issue you have with (area of expertise) and I’ll help. Let’s kill it with fire!

*BTW - if you're feeling a bit shit in your business, just getting out there and helping the hell out of people feels REAL GOOD and invites the flow back in fast.* 

Here’s where you do your research and engage people at the same time. Let people know you are creating something, and highly value their opinion. Save this data!


Quick question! I see a ton of stuff aimed at (common niche), but (your target market) seem to be the Starvin’ Marvin of the (your industry) world. Are you getting all the loving you need around (your expert subject)? What would you like more of?


Is it just me or is there a serious lack of (insert subject) around here? Tell me honestly, what would you most like to see included for (target demographic) with regards to (insert subject)? I want to help as best I can. Thanks so much!


Not gonna lie, I’m straight up researching for a new idea. What are your thoughts on (subject)? THANK YOU TONS! (Add a poll below with options).

This is where you demonstrate exactly what you did to get a particular result. Make sure it is honest. Make sure you can prove it. Make sure it’ll work for them.


Despite my student years eating only custard powder and rice, which surely stunted my brain growth,  I did eventually become super successful at (subject). It’s not an accident either, there’s a proper approach to take if you want (outcome). Here’s what I did. (Follow with actions to take).


I’ve seen the (example) and (example) posts saying how hard it is to (outcome). Actually, there are many ways you can do it, so I wanted to share just one with anyone who is feeling like it’s all a bit hard right now! Here’s how I achieved (outcome) and (outcome), with no budget. (Follow with actions to take).


I hate waiting for info even more than I hate waiting for the bus in the rain when I haven’t had either coffee OR cake. I’m sure you’re the same, so here’s how I (outcome) in (timeframe). (Follow with actions to take).

Hope this helps you rock your engagement and put that final nail in the coffin of sleazy selling movement! Fell free to comment your thoughts below, I love to chat!

Crystal Xx

P.S. If you want a free PDF version of this post you can instantly grab it here.  

SPECIAL NOTE FOR THE URGENT ENTREPRENEUR! Love, if you are trying to find clients now and want them to convert even faster than the above, you can also hook into my Fast Client Conversion Checklist here, free as a bird.)