Reviews and testimonials are still the number one purchasing factor for the general majority, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. According to a survey conducted by Marketing Land, "an overwhelming 90 percent of respondents who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influenced buying decisions, while 86 percent said buying decisions were influenced by negative online reviews."

Further data in the study confirmed that over two-thirds of participants recalled reading reviews online. This is fabulous news for your online business! Imagine reaching 90% of your potential market more effectively, what could that do for your reach?

A simple and fast way to start creating a great presence with reviews is to add the "Review" tab to your Facebook business page. Once you have added it, you can request current or past clients to head in and give their feedback. 

Here's how to do it.


On the "Settings" tab of your page, select "Edit Page".

Step 2

Scroll to the bottom and select "Add a Tab".

Step 3

Add "Reviews" tab in the popup window.

Step 4

Switch "Show Reviews" button on, and copy your "Share Reviews Tab" link. Click "Save". 

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 09.59.14.png

Step 5

Let current and past clients know you have reviews available and ask for testimonials. For a nice touch, before asking for a review, head to their page and leave a review for them to help them get started with a more positive and strong online presence! 


And then simply enjoy your new found authority!


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