Facebook Live is not growing at a stupendous rate, with 20% of all FB videos now being live - and that is on the increase daily! Over the past year, the length of time people are watching FB Live videos has also grown by 4x, and they have been shown to be watched 3 times longer than regular videos. 

Pair that with these stats and you have a convincing case for beginning NOW:

- Facebook announced that people are watching 100 million hours per day of FB Live vids

- Live videos attract 10 times more comments than regular videos

- Native FB videos (created directly on FB) have a 13.2% organic reach & 6.3% engagement rate (compared to 3% on Youtube or Instagram).

In short, if you're not using them, you're missing a serious trick. So let me help you get started making Facebook Live posting quick, painless... and maybe even *gasp* fun!


You really, REALLY don't have to be crazy fancy to do FB Live well. You do need to be seen, and you do need to be heard. The rest is icing on the cake.

If, like me, you are never in the same spot to work - some simple tricks will make sure you can rock it every time. If you do have a dedicated space for working, have your "video corner" all set up so there are no barriers to going live whenever the mood takes you!

* Lighting is vital. Although my videos don't always have the best light (particularly when traveling), it is the top factor to consider. Outside in the shade is the best budget option. If you're inside, sit in front of a window with the light shining on you. Best option, get yourself an inexpensive lighting setup like this one so you can work any time, day or night. 

* Make sure you can be heard! For ease and convenience, I use basic earphones (the same as you would use for phone calls and listening to music on your phone). They are easy to transport and I can use them on multiple devices. You can definitely upgrade to a proper microphone for your laptop, but it isn't necessary for FB Live. 

 Basic earbuds with microphone are adequate, & good for travel!

Basic earbuds with microphone are adequate, & good for travel!

* Test your internet connection. I am in the Italian mountains, with possibly the least reliable internet I've had anywhere in the world. The initial problems I had with FB Live were because my connection was far too weak to support streaming. To test, head to speedtest.net and click "GO". This will tell you your upload and download speeds (yes you can use this on a phone!). You want download speed to ideally be over 15Mbps for a clear, uninterrupted stream.

* Streaming tip - if the internet is slow, use your phone's 4g connection rather than wifi. Especially if you are travelling or using public internet! If you plan to do FB live while travelling, make sure you get a local sim card with 4G connection and plenty of data included. (For more tips on internet while travelling, see my video in Borderless Community)

 Practise going live by setting your privacy to "Only Me" and review it in private

Practise going live by setting your privacy to "Only Me" and review it in private



* Create a compelling subject. The best way I know to do this is to poll or survey the people in your sphere and find out what they most need to know right now. Create a list of dot points on addressing that issue, and this will be a hit! 

* Practise, but not too much. You don't want to be stilted or scripted, but an outline and a practise run can do wonders. To practise, you can start a FB live on your personal page, set the privacy to "only Me" and practise away. Then you can review it. Do it a couple of times until you get into the flow - you want to come across as natural and "like talking to a friend". But don't procrastinate, especially on your first one! Like a bandaid!


The key thing for your FB live is having an audience. Yes, sometimes you may go live and no one will be available to see you live, but when they do come on and you are able to interact in real time it is so much fun! This means you need to promote far and wide to get the best result.

* Send an email to your mailing list the day before, then 1 hour before your live video letting them know what result you will be bringing them in the video

* Promote it with a post in your groups, and on your page.

* Cross promote through other social media platforms like Instagram & Twitter.

* Get people in your community to share it through their networks, & reward them if they do.


* Never leave your audience without ongoing interaction. The beauty of Facebook Live is that people can view the video in real time AND afterwards. Be sure to check your notifications regularly and respond to every comment thoughtfully. This makes sure your audience will come back next time!

* Review your videos yourself. How did you do? What can you do better next time? It was a total disaster? That's what the "delete" button is for! Take the time to review every video and consider your next ideas. Self reflection is always a winner.

And that's it! I'd love to support you on your first (or 51st!) Facebook Live. Tag me and let me know when you will be on, and unless I am in a clint session, sleeping or eating, I'll be there!



See those Facebook Lives videos with seemingly very little interaction?

Don't make the mistake of thinking that person is not converting people into buyers! If there are views on the video, chances are the person is having a conversation (or many) on Messenger with someone about their subject. No interactions does not mean no sales!

I almost always receive requests for sales and programs, and I notice the person has never interacted directly with the video. Keep showing up and it will begin to flow for you too.