SNNNAP! Quickly followed by awkward stumble and rapid sinking feeling. I was walking up a steep hill in a gorgeous medieval Italian town, when my support strap packed it in and left me with foot flying and grazes from knee to ankle. "Ok." I thought. "Off to the only shop in town where there might be a pair of shoes on a Sunday."

There was. One pair of large, red, men's flip flops with a leering image of Popeye with his pipe for 3 euros. Not the breezy, effortlessly chic look I was going for on our overnight trip to Venice, but I didn't think barefoot would win me any glam points either. Sigh.

If you’ve read any of my other packing posts or seen my videos, you will know that the biggest lesson I’ve learned over the years is that back health is no joke when travelling, and it all comes down to the shoes.

As a woman who likes to express herself in her clothing, and who is doing business around the world, the way the shoes look can be also key to how confident we feel while travelling.

So I’ve done my research and found the ones I believe are the best to cover all of these bases, while being cute enough to adore slipping on each morning!


Cute Sandals with Arch Support

I love these for the simple fact that they are unobtrusive, easily matchable with any outfit, and have their own built in support for extra awesome! These Vionic "Paden" sandals are coming with me to Italy in June.


Simple Roman Sandals (that can take orthotics)

These have a more Roman feel to them, and are incredibly well designed. They have decent support inbuilt, but the best part is the ability to add your own orthotics! If you like the added security of the heel support and straps, these "Trovador" sandals by Naot Footwear are a great option.


Glam Flip Flops with Support

I’d happily live in flip flops (or “thongs as we Aussies call them!) if I could, toes happily free and closer to being barefoot. But it’s just not always practical (in fact, they are the culprit in that little Venice mishap I mentioned earlier!). These adorable Vionic "Tide" flip flops have built in support to stay comfortable for longer, and could totally pass for acceptable at lunch or dinner, or even something slightly more glamorous.



Ballet Flats with Grounding Technology

These "EOS" flats by Pluggz are really interesting, not just because they are the only shoes I've found with this kind of grounding technology (these shoes are said to help us connect to the earth even while not barefoot), but also because they can accommodate orthotics for even more support. Win!


Something for every occasion! Do you know of others? I am always on the lookout for the perfect travel shoe. Please drop me a line and let me know!


*Disclaimer: Products above are an example only and personal preference. I am not an affiliate of any of these companies, and no part of this post was sponsored.