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Creating a travel/work lifestyle is top of your vision board.

You've started your business, and to start with you were super excited!

But... it's been a while now.


Time evaporating, efforts at maximum, cash not appearing.

Your One-Woman-Show is looking more like One-Woman-Slow.


It can be tough, even terrifying. And that kind of fear completely ensures we

won't receive clients or income enough to get out there. 


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We can fully destroy those limits.

You can live confidently in the world you dreamed.

It's on your horizon: a life of abundance, passion and power.



Simple: you need the right person onside.

And these 4 things: 

1. Easy, authentic online presence to let people adore you

2. Something simple + sweet to sell to make instant income

3. A system set in advance to prioritise epic work/life balance

4. A bikini, good book + cake for breakfast

(ok maybe that last one is just me!)


After leading hundreds of people to millions of dollars worth of success over 12+ years in coaching, I'm sharing the exact methods I use to enjoy $7k-$10k months as a travelling entrepreneur, and live my dream life in south Italy. 


In this 3 month, 1:1 program you'll learn how to prepare & perfect your business, and build an enjoyable life anywhere.

This empowering program is designed to give you the tools to "fish" for yourself long term, even if you're starting out.

A grey office cubicle is not your destiny.

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We will have 4 intensive 1:1 sessions per month. You receive unlimited email support, and enjoy bonus privileges in my Borderless Community Facebook Group.

Although your program will be tailored to your unique needs, below is a sample of inclusions.

  • A winning mindset & mindful success creation
  • Destroying unhelpful blocks & belief systems
  • Pimping out your products, programs & systems
  • Trip planning & preparation


  • Getting regularly seen & instantly believed 
  • No-fear client creation & no-shame sales 
  • Income with integrity supercharger
  • How to travel for free & get sponsored


  • Data mining & analysis for launches & longevity
  • Repeat business, endless income, raving fans
  • Leading a movement of likeminded legends
  • Long term partnerships for free experiences, flights and sellouts



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"Working with Crystal is like working with your bestie. There is an easiness of flow. She cares deeply about her clients and them getting results. After our session together, I walked away with clear strategy, action steps and best of all, confidence about my financial goals that feels right to me!"
Susan J, Susan Jiminez Media
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  • You're working hard but staying in the same place
  • You're letting fear guide your destiny & want to soar
  • You want more stability in your planning & income
  • You've started towards location independence and would like to remove all blocks to freedom
  • You're not working with many clients yet, or they are not returning, & you'd like to get them fabulous results
  • You are curious about how you can travel & work for yourself
  • You are looking for a business with a solid foundation & growth
  • You are hell-bent on staying stuck in the mud
  • You don't enjoy growing, learning & changing
  • You already decided not to show up in your life
  • You're committed to believing other people control your life
  • You're already enjoying $10k months in your business & travelling the world

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"Crystal provides simple shifts that lead to big results. She has a knack for peering into your business and drawing out elements that you may not even know are there. 
She brought my business and my relationship with it into the present. Working with Crystal was one of the best decisions I have made and I could not recommend her more highly!"
Amanda H, Heisman Health
"Working with Crystal I've found out things about myself I could never in a million years have imagined possible. I have been on a journey of self discovery and thanks to the uplifting, no fluff guidance from Crystal I am now opening doors to a wonderful new future. Instead of feeling like it's a dream, or that I don't know which direction to go in, I'm propelled along a new path.
I can't wait for our next appointment!
Abby W, Abby Wilkes Photography  
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I really want to join but I am struggling with money. What can I do?

I've worked super hard to make this program accessible for everyone, while maintaining its value and my skills. The best thing I've ever done in my career is invest in a coach who has the skills I need to develop. Spending smart money in the right way is what counts - and the more you learn, the more value you bring your own clients. Upgrading your skills leads to upgrading your prices, and this is just the beginning!

I'm going through a terrible rough patch in my personal life. Is this program for me?

It never rains, it pours, right? Often when we make a deep internal decision to really shine, the world we used to know crumbles around us. While this is confusing, it is often a sign we are finally on the right track. This is a very normal part of becoming your own boss and the master of your own fate, and something I'm skilled at supporting. How good will it feel to get your business moving, to have a sense of mastery and control? You can have this, I'm here for you.

I'm already so busy! How many hours per week will I need to work with you?

We will have one call per week for an hour & homework to implement. But the focus is on choosing the RIGHT things to work on - saving you both time and money! Yes, I expect you to work hard. But that doesn't mean it takes a ton of time. Just desire to succeed and a willingness to learn.

What if I have extra questions, or want you to watch my FB Live outside of sessions?

I am all for this! I have included in this program unlimited access to me through email and FB Messenger. Unless I am eating, sleeping or practising self care, I will be available to respond and even watch your FB Live videos in real time! This actually helps me to give you in-the-moment feedback and instant implementation, which is one of the ways I help you get unstuck! You never have to worry if you're asking me too many questions.

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"What I love about Crystal is her energy. She is so passionate and exuberant and excited, and she is so darn funny. But she is so human too, it’s so easy to connect with her. With Crystal’s help, I have officially set up the first opt-in ever in my business, and that has been game changing! Just being in Crystal’s presence really makes you believe in yourself like ‘Hey! I CAN do this!’" 
Lindsey O., Travels with Lindsey



"If you are hesitating about launching yourself or your business - online or in person - then Crystal will help you find your authentic voice to do it.Working with Crystal I was gently led through the process to a place where I feel I've finally found the authentic me!"
Coral B, Coral Bell Healing & Coaching
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