Borderless Is


Borderless Is


It’s a deliberately plump market for the best advice on travel and lifestyle, with a planet conscious and compassionate twist. Sure, it’s a blog. But that’s the just tip of the iceberg. (mmm… Antarctica.)

Borderless exists so you can put your laptop where it was designed to go:

On your lap.


And travel the world in your own style, your own way, and on your own timeline. Dreaming always feels better from a canal-side café in Venice.


+ About Crystal


Crystal-CircleI’ll dance anywhere, anytime.

My tea and cake habit transcends all sense and reason. If I’m forced to wear socks, they’re usually odd. I fall in love with places by getting lost. My personal agenda has become to “impress myself” in the choices I make and the way I live my life, and I take the structures and systems of others as serving suggestions only. Travel has given me those things. And here I hope to give them to you, too.


Crystal Davis is an Australian author, world record breaking adventure lover, writer of articles that are viewed by millions, and globally exhibiting artist. In 2012, a combination of a loved one’s mental health battles, and Crystal’s own experience with severe endometriosis, proved the catalyst for swapping her corporate stilettos for odd socks to follow her curious nature. In 4 years Crystal has travelled to a dozen countries, appeared in the world’s highest rating TV show, published a book of poetry, exhibited her artwork in Italy, cycled a rickshaw almost 1,700km and free dived with wild sharks to conquer her fears. Through Borderless, Crystal hopes to make the wide world a less forbidding and far-off place for entrepreneurs, and encourage positive global contribution and cultural sharing – the recipes for a happy planet.

+ Here's My Backstory:

You just know there’s a man involved.


I’d been deeply in love with one person for 12 years. Working for the same company for almost the same time. It was all very commendable for a gal approaching 30, except that I hadn’t seen ANY of the global things I’d always dreamed of. I’d satisfied my endless wanderlust by moving super regularly around Australia, living and working in all 7 states and hundreds of towns and suburbs.

My mailing address became a running joke, because by the time friends and family had licked a stamp I’d probably have a new one. As Aussies would say, I had “ants in my pants”.

I left the relationship and job about the same time. It was also a time when I started temporarily caring for a loved one suffering depression, and also dealing with my own health issues that arose from ignoring my passions. It was a brutal change, but I love to look back on it. It’s when my full and insta-worthy life really started. As the structures dissolved, so did my borders. I packed a (far too large) suitcase and moved again… to Europe! I felt more at home being free than I ever had in any house, and have been travelling ever since. That was 4 years ago, and I now split my time between pursuing my “yes list”, called Project Curious, and helping other entrepreneurs explore the world through Borderless. Do you have a big life change story? Your stories inspire me, please do get in touch and share!


I know I’m not the only one with a penchant for freedom, and I adore supporting others to morph into the life they know is out there for them. I like world shakers. I covet bravery.

Welcome to your Borderless world.


Other Info



Other Info




What’s a Digital Nomad?


Simply, a person who travels while working, generally leveraging technology remotely to perform jobs that would traditionally have been done in an office. Digital nomads are entrepreneurs and professionals who are often writers, web designers, graphic designers, and other types of knowledge providers who can perform their work from anywhere on earth.

Simply, a digital nomad is someone who uses technology to do their work from anywhere. (Bless the internet!)



What does it mean to have a travel lifestyle? Many things to many people. If we took Instagram as our example, it may seem like lifestyle travellers are constantly on the move. But that is rarely the case. Sometimes, digital nomads stay in the same place for months, or even a year at a time! A travel lifestyle can look any way it works for you. It does not always mean packing up and shifting daily!

If you have ever been put off changing to a travel based lifestyle because of this myth, or because you have a family to consider, or because you’d like to have a stable base to return to, please know that your travel lifestyle can be anything you wish! Make it what you dream of.



There are many different styles of travel – adventurous, luxury, relaxed, high energy… and everything in between.

I am a mix of all of these! I like to explore a range of experience types and I hope this will always be the case! I am proof you can have both matching luggage and wear hiking boots. I have slept outside for months at a time, stayed in 6 and 7 star luxury hotels, and overnighted many times on boats and trains. I believe variety is the spice of life, and I aim cover this variety in my writings.

My big dream? To have a series of “tiny homes” in gorgeous locations around the world to country hop forevermore. This is becoming a reality with my first tiny property purchase in Italy in 2016.


Borderless Biz is a program for entrepreneurs who would like to move into a location independent lifestyle, with support, education and insider tips. Each of our trips are designed with community in mind, and are held in amazing places that have maximum impact. Join one of our trips on the homepage, but be quick – they don’t last!


Borderless Base is a newly-birthed concept, a series of innovative coworking spaces around the world for entrepreneurs, artists and adventurers to birth amazing new ideas. Committed to contributing to the local communities in which they are created, Borderless Bases are a unique way to combine cultural sharing, digital nomad lifestyles and powerful learning on a global scale. Our first base, due to open in summer 2017, is in a rural Italian medieval town (because… Italy.)